Empowerment of persons with Disabilities through ICT

Bangladesh Computer Council has been working towards empowerment of Persons with Disabilities through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). In this area, the first step was inclusion of disability-related clauses in the National ICT Policies 2009. Later in 2011, BCC started ICT trainings for persons with disabilities and for them the trainings were offered completely free. In 2015, BCC organized a special job fair to promote employments for persons with disabilities. Since then BCC has been organizing this job fair every year. Apart from these, BCC started organizing IT competitions exclusively for youth with disabilities to encourage the persons with disabilities to learn and use ICTs. The idea is to equip them with ICT skills so that they can take part in the ongoing digital revolution in the country. In this view, a project called “Empowerment of persons with Disabilities including NDD” has been taken and currently its implementation is going on.

Training Component Component Based Training Activities
ICT Training To provide Training to 2800 persons with Disabilities including 280 NDD and 140 Master Trainers.
Disability Orientation Training Disability Orientation Training will be provided for 210 Medical and Health Allied Professionals of 70 Upazilla Health Complex, 350 Community Disability Experts and 700 Teacher's.

Training List