Our Objective

Objectives of the Project

To develop the Persons with Disabilities as skilled manpower on ICT, promote their employment and make them contributing citizen to build Digital Bangladesh and achieve the Goals of vision 2021 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Specific objectives :

Some specific objectives which the project will achieve are the following:

  • To produce specialized audio and video tutorials on ICT training with voice and sign language instruction for persons with disabilities includes Neuro Developmental Diorder (NDD).
  • To develop a specialized, interactive, accessible National e-Learning Platform (Web Portal) for persons with disabilities containing audio & video tutorials on ICT trainings with voice and sign language instuction and there will be some useful links along with a Mobile App (Android) to access the Platfrom.
  • In the e-learning platform there will be a Job Portal where job seekers information will be available and employers can post the job advertisement also they will be enable to search their appropriate skill person. An integrated database will be formed under e-learning platform for the persons with disabilities.
  • To establish specialized "ICT Resource Centre" for persons with disabilities including NDD for training in seven divisions where BCC's Regional Offices exists.
  • To provide Traiing to 2800 Persons with Disabiblities including 280 NDD and 140 Master Trainers (TOT). Also disability orientation training will be provided for 210 Medical and Health allied professionals of 70 Upazilla Health Complex, 350 Community Disability Experts and 700 Teacher's.
  • To facilitate employment for 80% Persons with Disabilities trained by the project in IT & other sectors and self-employment by freelancing outsourcing.
  • To popularize ICT among persons with disabilities and NDD.